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Ástor Alexander’s Burial at Sea Paperback Poster



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“Burial at Sea - Paperback” by Ástor Alexander

This is a poster, not a paperback book.

Community artist Ástor Alexander asks, “What if Burial at Sea were a 50’s crime novel written by an alternate Ken Levine?” The answer is this classic hommage to BioShock Infinite’s Burial at Sea.

We’re fortunate to work with the artist to spotlight this piece of art with you. A share of the purchase price of each poster sold goes directly back to Alexander. Thank you for supporting the community!

Ástor Alexander’s unique art style is a true throwback to earlier times. We really like his work and we hope you do too!

Check out more of Ástor Alexander‘s work on Behance and DeviantArt !

Poster measures 11”x 17,”100# Photo white cover matte print.

Ástor Alexander’s Burial at Sea Paperback Poster


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