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BioShock Dorbz Collection Set



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Is a man not entitled …to be able to collect all of Funko’s BioShock Dorbz figures?

Reject the naysayers and choose this collection set. We’ve bundled all four together at a special discounted price.

Additional details

BioShock Infinite Booker - Dorbz Figure 147

Bring us the DORBZ and wipe away the debt! Collect BioShock Infinite’s Booker as an adorable 3 inch vinyl figure.

BioShock Infinite Elizabeth - Dorbz Figure 148

Ripping Tears through space and time is no biggie for this adorable Elizabeth. Collect this 3 inch vinyl figure of BioShock Infinite’s Elizabeth.

BioShock Little Sister – Dorbz Figure 149

Silly angel, sleeping with the lights on... Gather ADAM with your very own adorable Little Sister 3 inch vinyl figure.

BioShock Big Daddy - DORBZ XL Figure 07

There’s no need to worry about this adorable Big Daddy turning red and rampaging across your desk. Collect this super-size 6 inch vinyl of BioShock’s most dedicated protector.

BioShock Dorbz Collection Set





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